Nozzle change over times for pre-treatment applications 

Swapping out a large number of nozzles in a pre-treatment line is time consuming. Each nozzle needs to be removed, checked, cleaned, replaced and then re-aligned.

Pre-treatment nozzle best practice

BETE recommends using the quick change Uni-spray nozzles. These nozzle have tips that snap in and out of place meaning that the nozzle assembly does not need to be removed. The tip will snap back in at the exact same angle meaning that re-alignment if not necessary.

It is often just the tip that is worn so our recommended best practice is to have two sets of complete tips at any one time. When cleaning is required the old tips and be snapped out and replaced with the spare set. As no re-alignment is necessary this can be done very quickly. With the new set in the pre-treatment line is ready to work. The old tips can be checked, cleaned and replaced ready for the next cleaning cycle. As long a full set of tips in good working order is maintained down time through cleaning maintenance and be kept to a minimum. The good news is that replacement tips are only a fraction of the cost of the whole nozzle. 

Spray Tunnel Engineering Considerations

UniSpray System Parts

Pre-treatment nozzle selection table