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  • BETE Limited featured in the Guardian

    by Ivan Zytynski | Jan 29, 2014
    BETE Limited have been featured in the Guardian newspapers website 

    Which is some nice coverage for us.
  • BETE are finalists in the SVC awards

    by Ivan Zytynski | Oct 08, 2013
    Whilst our business is all about spray nozzles, information technology has always been an important part of how we deliver the service our customers expect. Despite being a relatively small company in terms of headcount BETE Limited have an advanced IT infrastructure that many larger companies struggle to get right. We have embraced cloud technology to benefit our employees, by letting them work anywhere in the world, but more importantly our customers by giving them very rapid access to quotes, lead times and technical information.

    This focus on IT has been recognised by the industry and Bete are finalists in the SVC (The Storage, Virtualization, Cloud) awards. The voting has started and the awards ceremony is November.

  • New catalogue

    by Ivan Zytynski | Sep 13, 2013
    The new Bete catalogue is now available for download or order.
    The new catalogue includes all the updated and new product ranges including the Orbitor tank cleaning nozzles. 
    The complete file is 11.8MB and can be downloaded here

    Complete catalogue
  • New spray nozzle video content

    by Ivan Zytynski | Jul 10, 2013
    With such a vast array of spray nozzles in our catalogue it can often be difficult for our customers to hone in on the correct nozzle. This is particularly true if one is not aware of the terminology used to describe our product range. 

    Often an engineer will know what the type of spray they want to achieve will look like but may not know whether this is something we would class as low or high flow, wide or narrow angle, small or large droplet size or whatever other adjectives we use to classify our product set. 

    For this reason we have provide a series of spray nozzle videos for each of the main types of spray pattern. Obviously its not possible for supply a video of each of our 30,000 plus nozzles spraying but the selection provided should allow an engineer with a minds eye concept of the type of spray they need to narrow in on the correct product.

    These videos have been distributed throughout our website in relevant parts but in particular mini libraries of videos have been added to the main Nozzles by Spray Pattern sections.

    We hope our customers find them useful.

  • Buse De Pulverisation dot fr

    by Ivan Zytynski | Apr 19, 2013
    As part of BETE's push in to France, headed by our new French Business Development manager Bruno Guerin, we will shortly be launching our new French language website

    Bruno had been busy helping us translate all the nozzle wisdom contained in our UK site so we very soon we will be helping our French customers effectively select spray nozzles in their own language.

    English and German have become the default languages of engineering and business so it is temping to be lazy and simply have a "catch all" English language site. The translation of the 60,000 or so words of content that make up his site is not an easy or quick task. Bruno joined us in Feb and its taken several months to get the main content translated. We firmly believe that our French customers deserve quality information in their own tongue. We hope that this effort on our part will be rewarded with extra sales. 
  • Sales of spray nozzle for metal finishing point the way to economic recovery.

    by Ivan Zytynski | Nov 16, 2012
    As a supplier of industrial components our business is clearly linked to the manufacturing out put of the countries we service. Like all UK based businesses we have felt the pinch over the last few years but some of our sectors are more "pinched" than others. In particular our uni-spray range of products for the metal finishing and pre-treatment market was hit hard. 

    Its not difficult to see why these products would be affected. Pre-treatment tunnels can consist of thousands of nozzles over multiple stages. It is a difficult and time consuming process to maintain nozzles in these tunnels. Ideally spray nozzles in pre-treatment tunnels should be cleaned regularly and replaced every few years but when business is hit hard often refurbishment projects are often shelved. When many of our customers are facing an uncertain future they are far less likely to spend money on refurbishing the nozzles in their pre-treatment tunnel. It is far more likely that they will delay projects until they become absolutely necessary or when management are satisfied that the economic storm has been weathered. 

    We are now seeing the metal finishing business start to come back quite strongly. Sales in this product line are up by about 30% on this time last year and we have several decent orders in the pipeline. This is our barometer for economic recovery. This barometer may not be entirely accurate but it seems like 2013 may start to see some proper recovery in the UK.  
  • Interesting mist nozzle application

    by Ivan Zytynski | Oct 25, 2012
    We have recently installed a humidifying system using our XA range of air atomising nozzles. It is installed in a large wine "cellar" which is actually a converted air craft hanger that acts as a bonded warehouse for fine wines. 

    The purpose of the spraying system is to eliminate wastage from the wine. A certain amount of wine will actually evaporate through the cork each year, its only a very small fraction and for most wines this is not a problem. But with a fine wine worth many thousands of pounds per bottle, kept over years or even decades this loss can be significant. Good wine buyers and sommelier will be able to spot a bottle that has lost wine in this way prior to opening and this can mean the value of the bottle is reduced by several hundred pounds. Money is evaporating away!

    By keeping the environment slightly humid this process of evaporation is reduced, potentially saving huge amounts of lost revenue. We can see similar potential applications in whisky manufacturing as well. Whisky will loose a percentage of volume each year it matures in the barrel this is about 2% per year (this is known as the angels share). Over time this can be significant its about 18.3% for a standard 10 year maturation, about 33% over 20 years when you make the good stuff I can only treat myself to on special occasions and over half is lost on a 30 year malt, which is a crime against humanity in my opinion given that I can't afford to buy whisky that nice by the bottle. 

    As you can probably tell wasted whisky is a subject dear to my heart. The thought of those greedy angles guzzling half a barrel of 30 year old malt makes me quite sad. But who knows maybe the humble spray nozzle can help prevent the grievous crime. 
  • Storm drain cleaning installed

    by Ivan Zytynski | Jul 17, 2012
    The HydroWhirl Orbitor tank washing machine has now been modified, tested and installed for the automated cleaning of storm over fill tanks. With the recent spate of horribly wet weather, nation wide flood warnings and general rainy misery this use of the high powered Oribitor tank cleaning system is clearly important.

    Every time storm overfill tanks fill up some residue and sediment is left behind. If it is not cleared then it builds up potentially preventing the tank from working effectively. Manual cleaning is labour intensive and represent a considerable health and safety hazard. The Oribtor can efficiently clean even the toughest deposits from storm tanks without the need for a person to enter the tank with a pressure washer.

    Not only does the Orbitor promise to save time and money it also mean that some poor person does not have to wade into smelly sludge filled tanks potentially contaminated with sewage. 
  • Looking forward to ACHEMA

    by Ivan Zytynski | May 15, 2012
    Whilst we know its going to mean long tiring days we at BETE are looking forward to Achema next month. Not only is it a chance to meet new customers and check out the competition it also is a great opportunity to meet up with all our fellow BETE spray nozzle distributors from around the world.

    We are looking forward to sharing knowledge and strategy with our sister companies and look to come back from the show with fresh ideas and approaches. In particular we are hoping the discussions will help generate some great new content for this website that is of genuine utility to our customers. the focus will be on sharing ideas for new technical articles or spray guides similar to the highly popular efficient tank cleaning guide and the spray properties guide recently produced. 

    The BETE stand will be at hall 9.1 C22.
  • New spray properties guide

    by Ivan Zytynski | May 03, 2012
    We have added a new section this website on the properties of sprays. This is an introductory guide to how some properties of a spray will be affected by nozzles selection. The guide will appear in article format in some of the trade press in due course.

    The plan, moving forwards, is to have a collection of the "guides" available to our customers and prospective customers as a unique on-line resource to all matters pertaining to sprays, spray nozzles and spray engineering. Whilst we appreciate that this is unlikely to ever have a massive readership we think that our customers will find it useful and so is worth doing. 

    Check out our engineering resources section for the two guides already in place on efficient tank cleaning and spray properties

    Future guides will include.

    - Spray tunnel set up and maintenance guide
    - Dust suppression and odour control set up guide
    - Measuring and analysing sprays
    - Guide to basic spraying system design
  • Another financial year ends

    by Ivan Zytynski | Apr 02, 2012
    Well it was, all things considered, another good year for BETE limited. Its seems that despite the forecasts of economic armageddon the world still needs spray nozzle after all.  I guess its not really a surprise, nozzles are a key industrial component they are not really a luxury item and the laws of physics don't change just because of a down turn. Nozzles still wear at the same rate in recession as they do in boom.

    What we have seen over the last couple of years is a some pressure on our prices and also have seen some of the new build projects being delayed. Whilst this has been disappointing business is still good and we continue to turn a profit an reinvest back into the business. 

    Look forwards it seems that 2012 /2013 financial year will be the one were the recovery starts to get underway properly in the UK. We expect to see those new build projects start to come back towards the later half or the year and look forward to the upturn in business. 
  • Storming into tank wash

    by Ivan Zytynski | Feb 28, 2012

    We have recently won a contact to supply several Orbitor tank cleaning machines to clean storm drains. The product has been modified to give a 180o downward spray pattern and we beat off stiff competition. A full press release will follow after installation. 

    A great piece of business for BETE Limited though. 

  • C02 capture technology using spray nozzles

    by Ivan Zytynski | Feb 02, 2012

    Just read about the development of C02 capture technology using sea water and a carbonate substrate such as lime stone. Basically large volumes of sea water are sprayed onto a gas flow as it passes over or through a limestone substrate. The wet limestone reacts with the CO2 forming carbolic acid.

                         CO2(g) + CaCO3(s) + H2O(l) => Ca2+(aq) + 2HCO3-(aq)

    Potentially this technology will form a very cost effective carbon capture mechanism for coastal fossil fuel power stations. The use of BETE's spray nozzle in flue gas desulpherisation to prevent acid rain is well established and some 70% of US power stations and many in the UK have BETE nozzles in their desulpherisation plants. Obviously we will be delighted if this technology starts to be widely used as well.

    For more information please read this paper from the Institute of Marine Studies, University of California.

    Capturing and sequestering Flue Gas C02 Using a wet limestone scrubber

  • Its good to talk!

    by Ivan Zytynski | Jan 31, 2012

    The recent tank washing campaign seems to have been a roaring success. We have already had plenty of leads from following up on the recent mailer. But, interestingly, these leads only really surface once we follow up with a phone call.

    Even with all this modern internet and e-mail marketing with all its ease of use, low cost and results tracking there is still no substitute for good old fashioned human to human conversations. Yes it takes time and effort but spray nozzles are a technical and complex product which warrant an actual conversation.

    I think of it this way. I get 100's of promotional e-mails a month. Some are interesting and I genuinely mean to re-open and investigate several but never get round to it because work is hectic. If, however, someone takes the time to follow up with a phone call I'll be far more likely to buy something. I like having a conversation and I think most people are the same. 

    Its good to talk. 

  • Its the quiet before the storm

    by Ivan Zytynski | Jan 09, 2012

    The first couple of weeks of January for BETE, like many businesses, is a quiet time whilst our customers come back and settle in to work after their holidays. All that business that got pushed to next year due to the Christmas break is soon going to have to start happening and all the new business needs to be done as well. Today is probably they last day of that quiet before the storm. I find this time very useful for doing those "tidying" tasks that there never seems to be time to do. 

    So my list of tasks that have been completed during this period is

    - Removing old code from my html headers in this web site 

    - Tidying up our on line catalogue

    - Cleansing and de-duplicating our customer database

    All boring and time consuming but I know that if I leave it until later this week it will probably be another year before I get round to it!

  • Happy new year

    by Ivan Zytynski | Jan 03, 2012

    A happy new year to all our customers, potential customers suppliers and potential suppliers. 

    2012 promises to be a busy year in the world of BETE Limited. With new product ranges, new international expansion plans, new domestic marketing efforts, expansion into new industrial markets .... its all go go go! 

    Watch this space of more information on all of the above and more.

  • Wise words on price

    by Ivan Zytynski | Dec 16, 2011

    "It's unwise to pay too much.  But it's worse to pay too little.  When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that is all.  When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.  The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.  It can't be done.  If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run.  And if you do that, you will have enough to pay for something better.  There is hardly anything in the world that someone can't make a little worse and sell a little cheaper - and people who consider price alone are this man's lawful prey. " 

    John Ruskin/1819-1900 

    Wise words that are over 100 years old but as true today as when they were first spoke. This is never more true than with industrial components like nozzles. Often the nozzle is the last part of system that is worth 100's or 1000's of time more than the nozzle itself and yet if the nozzle fails the whole system fails. This begs the question why take the risk and buy purely on price? Its a false economy. 

  • Shooting up the rankings

    by Ivan Zytynski | Dec 15, 2011

    Google seems to like our new web site..... which is nice.

    We seem to be shooting up the rankings for relevant search terms and this is resulting in more visitors to our site. Which is good news because it was a lot of effort to make it!

    Recent improvements to out site:

    1- New Tank Washing Enquiry form created and added to the tank washing section.

    2- Press releases added to the press resources section 

    3- Past technical articles added to the engineering resources section

    New features soon to be added

    a- A bread crumbs feature to allow easy back navigation

    b- Useful links section to our partners an other useful sites

    c- Improvements in some of the look and feel of the graphics

    As always if you have any suggestions please let me know at

  • Changing your nozzles can save the planet.

    by Ivan Zytynski | Nov 28, 2011

    Well I guess that's a bit of an exaggeration but the efficient use of water is a growing concern for all industries. As world population grows water becomes a more and more precious commodity. Some are already dubbing it liquid gold, with the real prospect of water wars looming the future is looking somewhat uncertain. What is certain though is that any ways we can find to use water more efficiently is now a moral imperative. 

    Efficient tank washing may not be the pressing green issue of they day, it certainly does not have the same impact find new carbon free fuel sources, but saving water through selecting more efficient nozzles is one of those countless thousands of improvements to manufacturing efficiency necessary for the new "green economy". It is the combined weight of these little, unglamorous, "boring" changes that ultimately will help save our selves from environmental peril. 

    This may all sound a bit "hippy" and non "businessy" so perhaps, for the more hard nosed readers, the rising cost of water to businesses will have more resonance. Water costs are going up and not just because of rising utility bills. Green legislation mandating better treatment of waste water has a very real cost for businesses. Not only does it cost more to get the water you require also costs more to throw it away!  This trend is unlikely to change any time soon. 

    Very real improvements can be achieved by effective nozzle selection. This means that less water can be used to achieve the same level of cleaning. This is good for the environment, good for your companies image and, ultimately, good for your companies pockets! 

    read more here

  • Tank wash article coming soon

    by Ivan Zytynski | Nov 18, 2011

    Coming soon in our tank wash section is a comprehensive guide to improving efficiency in tank washing applications. Often the effective selection of a suitable tank washing nozzle can dramatically improve efficiency. This mean less water and energy are required which is obviously good for the environment. 

    Watch this space and the trade press for more on our comprehensive tank wash and CIP products.

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