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SNP have a full range of tank cleaning machines suitable for cleaning any sized tank from a beer barrel too a large process vessel too a huge storm water attenuation tank and anything in between.

Any environment and any residue


Our broad range of tank cleaning heads and nozzle are not only suitable for any sized tank they are also usable to clean almost any conceivable residue. We have fully hygienic, self-cleaning systems suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical and other hygienic applications. We also have tank cleaners able to handle fluids with a high particle content such as final effluent or oil muds. Additionally we have ATEX certified tank cleaning systems suitable for use in all ATEX zone. And finally we have systems that are able to handle highly aggressive environments such as acid tanks.

No matter what the tank environment, size or residue we will almost certainly have a tank cleaning head that will deliver efficient, effective and consistently superb cleaning.

Types of product

Our products are broken down in to 4 main categories. More details on each can be found by clicking on the relevant sub sections of this page. Or direct access to the data sheets can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.

Static nozzles – These include very wide angle spiral nozzles as well manifolds of nozzles giving an omnidirectional cleaning spray. Suitable for tanks up to 4 meters in diameter. This range also now includes the new HydroClaw clog resistant tankcleaner.

  omnidirectional spiral nozzle  Multi nozzle array LEM  Clump multi nozzle tank cleaning arry Hydroclaw

Spray balls – A wide variety of static (non-rotating) spray balls that deliver micro-jets in 360o, 180o up or 180o down patterns. Suitable for tanks up to 5 meters in diameter

Spray ball nozzles 

Rotary Spray balls – A large range of rotary fan tank cleaners including all PTFE rotary tank cleaners for use in aggressive environments. Suitable for tanks up to 5.5 meters in diameter

HydroWhirl Poseidon Rotary Fan PTFE Tank Cleaner  Hydro Whirl Tank Cleaning Nozzle rsb

Rotary Jet – Powerful tank cleaners for bigger tanks and / or tough residues. Available as hygienic or industrial (non-hygienic) designs, a variety of cleaning patters and flow rate. Suitable for tanks up to 50 meters in diameter.

Orbitor 2 tank cleaner  Orbitor 4 nozzle tank cleaner  Dual head tank cleaner  Storm Blaster heavy duty tank cleaner Orbitor 100

Fast Cycle Rotary Jet - The Orbitor 100 VFC is a new breed of impingement tank cleaners designed to vastly improve water and a time efficiency. Unlike conventional impingement cleaners, that have been geared for power, this tank cleaning head has been geared to produce a very fast cleaning cycle that uses very little water.

Orbitor 100FC

Tank washing videos

  • Tank washing spiral design (TW 1-270)
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  • Tank cleaning 180 degree downward impingement cleaner (Orbitor)
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  • Tank washing rotary fan cleaner (HydroWhirl S40)
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Tank cleaning designs

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