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Tank wash selection questionnaire

Your details

1- What is required?

What level of cleaning is required?

How quickly does this need to be achieved?


What objectives need to be achieved? (tick all that are appropriate)


2- What is being cleaned?

How viscous is the residue?

How tough is residue to remove?


For example will the product become harder to remove, explosive or degrade?
If yes please give details of whether its alkali or acid and strength


3- The nature of the cleaning fluid?

Please give details of all fluids being used in all stages of the process.


This will affect flow rates and over all cleaning jet range. (all data on spec sheets is for water)
Please let us know whether an alkali or acid based cleaner is being used and approximate strength.


For example if a solvent could this create and explosive environment? Is the fluid toxic?
Please let us know anything else you may feel is important about the cleaning fluid.


4- Vessel design and atributes

What is the approximate shape of the vessel?

What is the maximum radius of the tank?


What is the height of the tank

Please give details on whether any mixers, agitators or other internal structures that may result in "blind spots" for tank cleaners.


5- Resources available

If the pressure at the head is not known please indicate the pressure at the pump available.


If yes please indicate the maximum capacity of this i.e. how much fluid can be removed per minute.


HydroWhirl Orbitor

High efficiency, high power tank washing system

HydroWhirl Poseidon

PTFE Tank washing head