Spray nozzles

The positioning of eductors

Turbo mix positioning

The positioning and sizing of eductor systems is critical to effective fluid turn over. 

Discharge plume

The plume is cone shaped,diverging from the TurboMixTM at an angle of approximately
11º. To determine the approximate length
of the discharge plume,  take the pressure drop across the Turbomix in kPa and divide this by 23, this will give the length in meters of the discharge plume (this translated to a 1ft per PSI in imperial). So:

1 BAR pressure drop = 4.3 meter plume

Reduce this estimate by 50% when sweeping solids across a tank bottom.

Positioning the TurboMixTM

To agitate liquids or liquids with suspended solids, position the TurboMixTM at the bottom of one side of the tank and direct the plume upward toward the opposite side of the tank, aiming at the highest likely liquid level.

To sweep solids along the tank bottom, direct the TurboMixTM plume downward at a 10º - 20º angle, using a sufficient number of units to completely cover the bottom surface. For some applications it useful to direct the plume toward the pump inlet. BETE swivel joints may be used to aim the TurboMixTM more accurately. See figure 1 for TurboMixTM placement suggestions for various tank

Fluid Agitation Engineering Considerations