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RSB Spinning Tank Cleaner

RSB Spinning Tank Cleaner

RSB Spinner Tank Cleaner

The RSB is a spinning tank cleaner suitable for cleaning small and mid-sized vessels. It is self-cleaning and has a completely hygienic design meaning it is commonly used in food and pharmaceutical applications. 

Design Features

    • Cleans more quickly, and uses less water & lower pressure than static tank washers
    • Internal and external surface finish of 0.8 microns Ra or better: ideal for sanitary applications
    • Laser-welded design for durability
    • Stainless steel construction - corrosion- resistant material
    • Two connections: threaded, clip-on or thread.
    • Made from FDA approved materials for use in Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications. 318 stainless with hardened 316 stainless bearings.

Spray Characteristics

    • Self-cleaning bearings
    • Vigorous moving spray action
    • Spray Angles: 360°, 180° Down or 270° Up Flow rates: 16.7 – 313 l/min