Spray Nozzle

HWS2 (Stinger)

Spinner Tank Cleaner

HWS - spinning tank cleaner

The HWS2 tank cleaning head delivers a robust cleaning action to the entire vessel. It is fluid powered, with the rotary action driven by liquid pressure. The HWS is manufactured in hygienic 316 stainless steel making it ideal for food and pharmaceutical cleaning applications. It is a suitable choice of tank cleaner for small-medium sized vessels with light to moderately tough residues.

Design Feature

    • Patent-pending no-weld design eliminates weak points and uneven surfaces
    • Bearing assembly is centered within the spray head for improved balance and spray propagation
    • Better spray uniformity can be maintained at lower pressures
    • Unique patent-pending pipe thread technology flushes to reduce contamination and bacteria growth
    • Zirconia Ceramic Bearings for long service life and extreme chemical resistance
    • Operates in any direction

Spray Characteristics

    • Self-cleaning bearings
    • Vigorous moving spray action
    • Spray Angles: 360°
    • Flow rates: 4.15 – 380 l/min
    • Recommended filtration: 150 mesh for HWS2-4 and smaller or 200 mesh for HWS2.75 and larger
    • Max temp 93°C