Spray Nozzle


SVSTW Spray ball tank cleaner

SVSTW Spray ball tank cleaner

Spray balls are a versatile tank cleaning system that are very low maintenance. The selection in the table below is by no means exhaustive, by changing the position and pattern of the holes it is possible to design spray balls that meet the exact requirements of the tank cleaning application.

Design Features

    • Multiple precision drilled holes give omnidirectional spray pattern.
    • No moving parts ensure long life and low maintenance
    • A variety of female threaded and clip-on connection type.
    • Available in 360o, 180o up & down, 270o up and down

Spray Characteristics

    • Omni-directional coverage
    • Low-impact or rinse cleaning
    • Flow rates: 20 to 900 l/min

Threaded spray balls

Clip On Spray Balls