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IBC Cleaning Station with Orbitor Eco

IBC Cleaning Station - Advanced Model

IBC Cleaning Solution Advanced Model

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are reusable, industrial-strength containers which are used to transport a huge variety of goods and materials such as chemicals and foodstuffs. They consist of a plastic container and a rigid metal frame and come in a number of sizes, the most common being the 1000 litre IBC which is 45 x 45 inches. SNP’s IBC Cleaning Station makes in-house cleaning of IBCs quick, easy and cost effective. It includes: a pump with control panel, a tank cleaning head - in this case the Orbitor Eco rotary jet head - a lance and lid to hold the tank cleaner in place and a hose and connectors.  The components are available together or individually. The Advanced Model is suitable for cleaning medium to heavy/sticky residues.

Design Feature

    • Ebara Vertical Pump with control panel
    • IBC Tank Cleaning Lance - 1” hose tail in and 1” Bsp male outlet Material: 316 stainless steel
    • IBC Lids: - 6” thread c/w 2” centre thread with plug - 9” thread c/w 2” centre thread with plug Material: Polypropylene
    • Orbitor Eco Very Fast Cycle Rotary Jet Material: 316ss

Key characteristics

    • Enables IBC cleaning in-house
    • Time saving - Orbitor Eco delivers cleaning times as quick as 3 minutes
    • Considerable reduction in water usage - Orbitor Eco delivers a flow rate of between 58 litres per minute
    • Reduction in maintenance times - Orbitor Eco is easy to maintain and can be stripped and reassembled in 15 minutes
    • Easy to assemble kit with lance which can be used with different cleaning heads
    • Two different lid sizes to fit the two main IBC sizes
    • Hygienic materials and design suitable for use in even the most hygienic applications
    • Low maintenance design

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