Spray Nozzle


Automated rotary jet cleaning for large tanks

D3000 - Rotary jet tank cleaner


The D3000 oil tanker cleaning head is suitable for vessels up to 30,000 DWT and is approved by Bureau Veritas. It has wash-lubricated bearings which remove the possibility of cargo contamination by gearbox lubricants. There is an option to have a grease lubricated gearbox if required. A “Full Tank - Quick Rinse” facility is built into the machine mechanism. A combination of nozzle sizes and cycle times allows the D3000 to be tailor made to suit particular applications. The D3000 can be supplied as a fixed, permanently installed unit or as a portable machine.


Design Features

    • Entirely fluid driven meaning no external power source is required
    • Fully sealed gear box allowing for muds and other high particulate fluids to be used as the cleaning media e.g. final effluent
    • Stainless steel rugged design means almost no maintenance is required

Spray Characteristics

    • Flow rates: 130 - 560 L/min
    • Working Pressure: 6 - 10 bar
    • Spray pattern: 360°
    • Jet length: Up to 16.9 metres
    • Cycle times: Various available
    • Materials:
      - Body: 316L
      - Gears: PEEK
      - Bushings: Carbon Filled PTFE
    • Max height: 241 mm
    • Max width: 150mm
    • Weight: 11kg
    • Operating temp: Up to 100°
    • Inlet: 1.5”BSP/ PN10/40 Flange