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Storm Blaster

Storm Blaster - automated storm tank cleaning system.

Storm Blaster - automated storm tank cleaning system.

The StormBlaster™ has been engineered specifically for use in cleaning large stormwater retention tanks. These machines are powerful, robust and by far the most water and energy efficient method of cleaning large tanks when compared with other methods such as tipping buckets and eductor swirl systems.

The StormBlaster™ can be deployed in cold, dirty, and corrosive environments with little or no maintenance requirements.

When compared to the cost of the methods above, the StormBlaster system is considerably cheaper in terms of both installation and operating costs.

Design Features

    • Entirely fluid driven meaning no external power source is required
    • Fully sealed gear box allowing for muds and other high particulate fluids to be used as the cleaning media e.g. final effluent
    • Stainless steel rugged design means almost no maintenance is required

Spray Characteristics

    • Flow rates: 100 - 570 L/min
    • Working Pressure: 2 - 10 bar j Jet length: Up to 25 metres
    • Wash pattern: 180° or 360° j Cycle times: 26-85 minutes
    • Materials: - Housing: 316L - Nozzle Head: 316L - Gears: PEEK + 316 SS - Bushings: Carbon Filled PTFE
    • Weight - 12kg for 6-12mm - 14kg for 14mm
Storm Blaster