Spray Nozzle


Spiral Nozzle Omnidirectional Array

LEM Spiral Nozzle Omnidirectional Array

The LEM is an omnidirectional nozzle manifold that holds 6 spiral spray nozzles. This gives a 360-degree spray pattern which is useful for tank cleaning applications. The clog-resistant nature of spiral nozzles means the LEM is a useful system for tank cleaning applications using recirculated water that may contain contaminants. 

Design Feature

    • Each nozzle in the stationary cluster is a BETE clog-resistant spiral nozzle of the TF series
    • Can be supplied with various other BETE nozzles for any desired application
    • Female connection

Spray characteristics

    • Spherical omni-directional coverage
    • Six nozzles arranged in cluster to project spray in all directions
    • Flow rates: 16.0 to 597 l/min
    • Special flow rates available, special tips upon request