Spray Nozzle

HydroWhirl® Mini SS

Rotary cleaning head

HydroWhirl® Mini SS

The HydroWhirl® Mini tank cleaning nozzle directs the cleaning water through a rotating head at the tip of the spray assembly and produces a vigorous moving spray action against all areas of the tank wall. The spray pattern from the HydroWhirl Mini® head uses impact and repetition to wash the tank quickly. Its compact size and hygienic stainless steel design makes it ideal for food processing equipment cleaning including pipe and bottle cleaning and cleaning dispensing equipment. For non-hygienic or corrosive environments, see the HydroWhirl® Mini PVDF.

Design Feature

    • Fluid-driven, self-flushing
    • Durable compact design, maintenance-free
    • Made from FDA-compliant, 316L material
    • Suitable for food applications
    • PEEK slide-bearing for greater longevity
    • Threads available: 3/8” NPT/BSP female

Spray Characteristics

    • Vigorous spray action
    • Spray Angles: Complete 360° spray coverage, other spray angle patterns available upon request
    • Flow Rates: 11.4 to 33.8 L/min
    • Max Temperature: 130°C
    • Filtration: Line strainer with a mesh size of 0.3mm/50 mesh