Spray Nozzle

Orbitor Eco

Orbitor Eco - rapid cycle rotary jet cleaner

Orbitor Eco - Rapid Cycle Rotary Jet Cleaner

The Orbitor Eco is a fully self-cleaning machine and is made from food/pharmaceutical-grade materials. The Orbitor Eco can complete a cleaning cycle in under two minutes. With such fast cleaning cycles and low flow rates, it is the most efficient way to clean and rinse light to moderate residues

Design Features

    • Very fast cycle times between 1.8 - 6 minutes
    • Up to 95% water saving when compared to static spray balls
    • Up to 75% water saving when compared to rotary spray balls
    • Entirely fluid driven meaning no external power source is required
    • Self lubricating j Powerful jets up to 5 metres in length
    • Easy to maintain. Can be stripped and reassembled in 15 minutes.
    • Self-cleaning and hygienic

Spray Characteristics

    • Flow rates: 45 - 198 l/min
    • Working Pressure: 4 - 10 bar
    • Jet length: Up to 5 metres j Wash pattern: 360°
    • Cycle times: 1.8-6 minutes


    • Housing: 316L
    • Nozzle Head: 316 SS
    • Gears: PEEK + 316 SS
    • Bushings: Carbon Filled PTFE
    • Weight: 2.5Kg