Spray Nozzle

Orbitor Compact

Compact Rotary Jet Tank Cleaner

Orbitor Compact - rotary jet tank cleaner

The Orbitor Compact is typically used in food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical tank cleaning applications. It is geared to rotate fairly slowly to deliver the optimum jet dwell time on the tank wall for maximum cleaning power. Despite its incredible cleaning power, the compact design means it can easily fit into a 100mm opening and, with the arms vertically aligned, will squeeze through an 8.5mm opening. The Compact is one of the few tank cleaners that is ATEX certified for use in all zones and temperatures.

Design Features

    • Entirely fluid driven - no external power source is required
    • Self lubricating
    • Easy to maintain. Can be stripped and reassembled in 15 minutes.
    • ATEX certified zones 0 and T6
    • Self cleaning and hygienic design suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications

Spray Characteristics

    • Flow rates: 45 - 198 l/min
    • Working Pressure: 3 - 12 bar
    • Jet length: Up to 8.6 metres
    • Wash pattern: 360°
    • Cycle times: 9.5-20 minutes
    • Weight: 2.5Kg



    • Housing: 316L
    • Nozzle Head: 316 SS
    • Gears: PEEK + 316 SS
    • Bushings: Carbon Filled PTFE
    • Weight: 2Kg