Spray Nozzle


Automated rotary jet cleaning for large tanks

D4000 - Rotary jet tank cleaner

The D4000 for cleaning oil tankers was developed to meet the demands of the increasing size of chemical and product carrier tonnage. The D4000 is suitable for oil carrying vessels up to 50,000 DWT and is approved by Bureau Veritas. All main components of the D4000 are manufactured in Stainless Steel (AISI 316L) whilst all seals and gearing are manufactured in resilient materials ensuring compatibility with a wide range of chemical / product cargos. The D4000 is lubricated by the wash media which removes the possibility of cargo contamination by gearbox lubricants. A range of nozzle sizes allows the machine to be tailored to suit your particular requirements. The D4000 can be supplied as a fixed, permanently installed unit or as a portable machine.


Design Features

    • Entirely fluid driven meaning no external power source is required
    • Fully sealed gear box allowing for muds and other high particulate fluids to be used as the cleaning media e.g. final effluent
    • Stainless steel rugged design means almost no maintenance is required

Spray Characteristics

    • Flow rates: 433.3 - 866.7 L/min
    • Working Pressure: 6 - 10 bar
    • Jet length: 16.5 to 25.5 metres
    • Cycle times: Various available
    • Materials:
      - Body: 316L
      - Gears: PEEK
      - Bushings: Carbon Filled PTFE
    • Max height: 265 mm
    • Max width: 165mm
    • Weight: 14kg
    • Operating temp: Up to 100°
    • Inlet: 2.5” 7.5 tpi Male/ PN16/50 Flange