Spray Nozzle


EK Popup Tank Cleaning Nozzle

EK Popup Tank Cleaning Nozzle

The EK nozzle’s spinning head moves out from the nozzle body when fluid is turned on. In the retracted position the nozzle presents a smooth surface flush with the tank wall. 

The nozzle will deliver two rotating fan jets giving 270° coverage side to side (see diagram below). This makes the EK ideal for spot cleaning the difficult to reach parts of the tank. The EK is used in conjunction with a primary tank cleaner which will sit at the top of the tank above the product line. The EK will be positioned below the product line to hit spots the main cleaner cannot due to internal obstructions. The fact that the EK is submerged when the tank is in use is not a problem as the nozzle will be in the retracted position and thus protected.

Design Feature

    • The tank cleaner moves into position when fluid is turned on.
    • When retracted the nozzle presents a smooth surface on the tank wall
    • Surface finish of 0.8 microns Ra or better: ideal for sanitary applications
    • Stainless steel construction - corrosion -   resistant material
    • Connections: threaded, clip-on, and welded
    • Made from FDA approved materials

Spray Characteristics

    • Self-cleaning bearings
    • Vigorous moving spray action
    • 270° degree spray pattern
    • Flow rates:  15.6 to 74.8 l/min