Spray Nozzle

HydroWhirl® Disc

Rotary Tank Cleaner

HWD - submersible rotary tank cleaner

The HydroWhirl® Disc (HWD) tank cleaning head is a fully submersible, clog-resistant
rotary head. It has the largest capacity free-spinning design with powerful flat spray nozzle inserts. It is suitable for cleaning small-medium sized tanks with light to moderate soil.

Design Feature

    • Fluid-driven, self-flushing
    • Fully submersible, clog-resistant
    • Powerful flat spray nozzle inserts
    • Hydrostatic wear-free PTFE slide bearing for longer life
    • Made from FDA-compliant, 316L SS
    • For cleaning medium-sized tanks

Spray Characteristics

    • Vigorous spray action
    • Spray Angles: Complete 360° spray coverage
    • Flow Rates: 96.3 to 227 L/min
    • Max Temperature: 194°F/90°C