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Clog resistant tank cleaner

HydroClaw - Clog resistant tank cleaner

The HydroClaw is the world’s first clog resistant 360º tank cleaning head. It was developed to solve the problem of spray ball and tank cleaning heads clogging with particulates such as pips, pith and seeds in the wash water. The patented design gives a vigorous, high flow rate cleaning action suitable for vessels up to 3 metres in diameter. It is ideal for use in sectors such as winemaking and brewing where clogging can be a particular problem.

Design Feature

    • Clog-resistant design with no moving parts
    • Allows passage of particles up to 7 mm diameter, three times the free passage of a comparable spray ball
    • Made from FDA compliant 316L stainless steel for use in food grade and sanitary Clean-InPlace (CIP) applications
    • Low pressure/high flow operation.
    • Self-draining and self-flushing j Laser-welded for durability
    • Fits through 63.5 or 76 mm diameter opening

Spray Characteristics

    • Vigorous rinsing action quickly flushes solids and contamination from vessels
    • Complete 360° omni-directional coverage
    • Optimum cleaning performance at 2 bar
    • Recommended installation 0.6 - 1.0m vertically below top of tank
    • Flow rates: 119-442 l/min