Spray Nozzle

HydroWhirl Poseidon (HWP)

All PTFE Tank Cleaner

HydroWhirl Poseidon - PTFE Tank Cleaner

The HydroWhirl poseidon is an all PTFE tank cleaning head. The all PTFE design means it is suitable for use in highly corrossive and aggressive environments as PTFE is one of the most chemically inert compounds. The HWP’s rotation is powered by the cleaning fluid and its slow rotation gives a robust clean for medium sized tanks.

Design Feature

    • Cleans more quickly and uses less water and lower pressure than static tank washers
    • PTFE construction
    • Ideal for harsh chemical environments
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Available in threaded, pipe, tube, or DIN clip-on connections
    • Made from FDA compliant materials for use in Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications

Spray Characteristics

    • Slow spinning produces longer spray dwell time on the target surface, increasing impact over conventional rotating designs
    • Complete 360° omnidirectional spray pattern, other spray angels available upon request
    • Flow rates: 14.3 to 307 l/min