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SNP supplies a number of innovative fixed-point fogging solutions from Lafferty Equipment, a leading US supplier of high-quality foamers, sprayers, foggers and dilution control systems for over 35 years.  Lafferty products are designed for demanding applications in the food processing, bottling, car/truck washing, agricultural, institutional and industrial sectors.  We also have exclusive distribution of the BETE FastPASS™ vehicle fogging solution as well as an extensive range of nozzles for use in your own fogging system design.



Our extensive range of products combined with decades of experience in designing spraying systems means we can achieve the exact drop size and spray distribution required for your system.
Air atomising nozzles use the energy in compressed air to produce highly atomised sprays at low flow rates.  High pressure misting nozzles have a very small droplet size and relatively small flow rate.

For a more detailed explanation of air atomising nozzles and their various applications please visit our air atomising nozzle product page.  For more details on our range of high pressure misting nozzles, click here.


Air-powered fogging stations
These Lafferty machines can be permanently installed in a room or on a wheel mounted mobile unit.  They use compressed air and can project fog up to 7.5m.

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mobile foggers lafferty stationary foggers


FastPass air powered vehicle fogging system

The FastPass system from world leading nozzle engineering solutions firm BETE, is an elegant solution for the rapid disinfection of vehicles.  The system was originally developed for the sanitisation of school buses.  FastPass is a modular system that can be permanently installed in any vehicle.  Operating  it requires a pumped fluid and compressed air supply to be connected.  Within minutes the vehicle is effectively fogged.  The operator remains outside the vehicle so is not exposed to any harmful chemicals.

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FlowMission intelligent sanitising system

The FlowMission system is an intelligent and modular sanitising solution that will only operate if bar-coded bottles of disinfectant are inserted.  This ensures that only correct, verified and in-date product is used. The system uses high-pressure misting nozzles to generate a finely atomised spray.

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Flowmission system for intelligent disinfecting


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