Nozzles for the fire safety industry

Fire protection spray applications are present in one form or another in most industries.  But fire safety itself is a specialist engineering business in its own right.  This industry section of the website covers the main spray applications used by our fire safety engineering customers and gives guidance on effective nozzle selection. 

SNP have a long history of working with fire safety engineers serving the varying needs of petrochemical, industrial and food processing end customers.  We have developed a specialist range of fire fighting spiral nozzles and a host of other innovative solutions. 

We break the various fire safety applications into three broad categories :-

1-     Fire/explosion prevention systems that help reduce the risk of fire or explosion starting in the first place.

2-     Fire extinguishing systems which attempt to put out fires once they have started.

3-     Fire protection systems that help protect assets from fire rather than put out the fire.

Details on each of the three core fire safety applications can be accessed by clicking on the blue menu to the right hand side of this page.

Information on some of the spraying challenges specific to the fire safety industry can be assessed by the grey menu.

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Fire Safety Key Spray Applications:

Fire Safety Key Spray Challenges:


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