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The air nozzle products below are specialist nozzles for the amplification and direction of compressed air. They come in various forms and perform a variety of functions but most commonly are used for drying, air blow off, fume extraction and cooling systems.  The datasheets for each product can be found by clicking on the product boxes below. 

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Adjustable air amplifierAir amplifersAir amplifiers - Low force large area

These nozzles use compressed air that, as it exits the nozzle, entrains a large volume of the surrounding air.  This means that far more air than is pumped through the nozzle ends up getting moved.  The amplification process makes air amplifiers a very efficient way to move air for the removal of fumes, light blow-off applications, cooling or any other application where a relatively gentle motion of large volumes of air are required. 
Air amplifiers are available as standard 'fixed' units or come as adjustable units where the flow/force can be varied.  


Air edgers - Very high force/flat, narrow area

air edgerAir edgers give a very high impact flow of air.  Compressed air is focused so that it is ejected from a thin slit delivering a high velocity flow air.  Surrounding air is entrained thus amplifying the force produced.  Air edgers should be used in any applications that require a high force of air such as blow off, part removal or part drying.
The edgers can be varied by changing the metal shims which open up the ejection slot. By inserting additional shims (widening the ejection gap) more air will be delivered thus increasing the force.  The shim system thus gives a degree of control and variability from a single unit.


Air jets - High force/moderate area

AirjetAir jets work in a similar way to air amplifiers but they are designed to deliver higher force jets.  They operate by passing compressed air through a shaping chamber which focuses the air and then draws in the surrounding air to increase the overall force delivered.  Air jets deliver more impact than air amplifiers and deliver it to a larger area than air nozzles.

Air nozzles - High impact focused area

Air nozzleAirMagAir nozzles use compressed air and focus it into a high impact jet.  Basic air nozzles are shaped so that they draw in additional air surrounding the nozzle amplifying the force to a certain degree.  With the advanced AirMag design, this amplification effect is increased by the 'fins' surrounding the nozzle orifice.  This also helps to significantly reduce the noise generated..

Air nozzles are manufactured in a variety of materials from brass to 316 stainless suitable for high temperature and/or hygienic applications. 


Air knives - high impact large linear area

Silent X-stream air knivesAir knivesAir knives are designed to deliver a high impact line of air through a narrow slit.  As with other air nozzles, the impact of the compressed air is amplified as the surrounding air is drawn in by the outer shape of the blade and entrained in the air flow.  This Coanda effect means air knives are an effective way of making compressed air use more efficient for a variety of applications including, blow off, drying or cooling.  Air knives should be used whenever high impact air is required in a line and as such they are commonly used in conveyor systems. 

We offer two models of air knife.  The standard model is a cost effective air knife widely used in industry. The X-Stream advanced air knife has a design that reduces air consumption and noise levels.


RingBlade - very high impact/circular profile

ring bladeThe RingBlade has been designed to give a high impact air jet to the centre of circular manifold.  This will be used for drying, cooling and blow-off applications where the target product is drawn through the centre of the ring. The RingBlade is available in a variety of sizes from 1/2" to 11" as standard product and custom made rings for larger products if required.


manifold boxThese manifold systems are used to combine multiple air nozzles or air edgers.  They are available with 2, 4 or 6 outlets with larger manifolds available on request.



Air Nozzle Types


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