Solid stream nozzlesSolid stream nozzles 

The solid stream nozzle, also called a solid jet nozzle, is the simplest of all nozzles, being little more than a circular orifice at the end of a funnel.  Nevertheless, there are a number of different design variants giving different spray properties.  Solid stream nozzles give the highest impact of any spray pattern as the full momentum of the liquid is concentrated into a small area.  Droplet size is irrelevant in solid stream nozzles as, unlike all other nozzles, the liquid is not atomised. 


Typically solid stream nozzles will be used for high impact cleaning applications or for trimming/cutting applications.  

Further details

Full details on the design variants that produce the solid stream pattern can be found by using the blue menu to the right hand side of this page.


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Solid Stream Nozzle Designs

Solid stream nozzle selection table


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