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Road tankers, particularly those carrying food products, must be cleaned to exemplary standards. Cleaning heads for internal cleaning of tankers need to be efficient and extremely robust as cleaning multiple containers per day of what can often be very tenacious or sticky residues means the nozzles are subject to high levels of wear and tear.  In the past, this has meant they have had to be replaced frequently.  They have also tended to work themselves off their lances causing costly downtime for wash bay stations.  Older style cleaners have a very high water usage, further contributing to high costs.

Orbitor rotary jet cleaners for tank wash bays

Our Orbitor rotary jet cleaners are idea for internal tanker cleaning, meeting even the most stringent hygienic food transportation standards for food-product hauling tanker trailers.

Setting the standard for cleaning food transport tankers

We have done extensive work with companies such as Abbey Logistics Group which set up its state-of-the-art tanker cleaning station Orbitor Truck Cleanerin Hull in 2020.  The company was seeking a solution for cleaning its own and third-party food transportation trucks to “exceed legal compliance and all customer requirements” while reducing water and energy consumption.  It had identified that the hardest residue to clean is that left by chocolate and which is known as ‘chocolate liquor’.  In trials, the Orbitor 4 rotary jet cleaner proved to be the only cleaning system which could clean the liquor to the necessary hygienic standard. Water consumption has been considerably reduced.

“Our goal was to set the standard for food grade tank washes in terms of reliability, quality and environmental efficiency and I think what we have achieved in Hull does that,” said Adam Copping, Abbey’s Technical and Quality Manager.  To read the case study, click the icon below.

SNP has also worked with TankWash Scotland to supply tanker cleaning solutions for their tanker wash bays.

We are equipped to clean ISO tanks, liquid bulk containers as well as food grade and chemical grade tanks.

For further information about the Orbitor Tanker Cleaning CIP system, click the box below.

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