Electronically actuated nozzles

Electronically controlled nozzles represent the ultimate level of control for spray systems. Our offering consists of three core products.

1. Flex Flow Control system

The FlexFlow system offers a simple to operate but highly advanced interface to regulate the on and off cycles of the nozzles attached to it. In addition to attaching the EHP(i) nozzles there are ports where signals from sensors can be terminated. This forms the brain of the overall spray system.

The unique selling point of the FlexFlow system is that is far easier to install, program, and adjust than other compatible systems. We have found that competitor systems are too complex to operate and require specialist knowledge to troubleshoot problems. The FlexFlow is designed to be adjustable in the field by any competent maintenance engineer, you don’t need to be a specialist in spray technology to set up and adjust the system.

What this means is that the hassle is taken out of setting up and adjusting even complex spray setups. There is no need to call us in to make adjustments every time you need to because it is actually pretty straightforward to do this, by design!

2. Electronic Spray Nozzles bodies  

We have two types of electronically actuated spray nozzles. The EHP and the EHPi. Both work in the same way. Within the nozzle body is a highly sensitive and responsive solenoid shut-off valve. This allows the nozzles to be rapidly cycled on and off up to 150 times per second.

3. Nozzle tips

The EHP and EHPi nozzle bodies can be fitted with a wide variety of different spray tips. These can form flat fan or full cone spray pattern types. They come in a variety of different spray angles, flow rates, and materials. This gives a huge variety of different spray types.

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