Nozzles for the Paper and Pulp Industry

The manufacturing of paper is a high water usage process. As a result there are many spraying applications with some specialist nozzles used almost exclusively by paper mills. Bete offer a complete range of nozzles for all the spraying needs of the paper industry. From highly specialised trim nozzles to more general nozzles for moistening, lubrication, high pressure washing and foam control.

ML Gatewood Trim Nozzles

BETE Limited act as the exclusive UK distributors for leading trim and high pressure shower nozzle manufacturer ML Gatewood.  These specialist nozzles are used in paper mills the world over. These specialist nozzle complement our main BETE nozzle range meaning we are a one stop shop for all the spraying requirements of the paper industry.

Further information

Information on the common spray applications of the paper industry can be found by using the blue "Key Spray Applications" menu to the right hand side of this page. Details on how Bete help overcome industry specific spray challenges are found by clicking on items in the grey "Key Spray Challenges" menu also to the hand side.


Paper and Pulp Key Spray Application

Paper and Pulp Key Spray Challenges