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SNP supply a wide range of full cone spray nozzles that are used in various applications.  This section of our website provides detailed information on each full cone design variant and how the different designs will affect spray properties.  For a quick summary and comparison of all full cone nozzles please click on the orange nozzle selection box to the right hand side of this page.

Full cone pattern features

The full cone pattern delivers a relatively even coverage of fluid over a set area.  It should be remembered that the full cone pattern will only be maintained for a certain distance from the orifice, after which the spray generally forms a fog or mist.  The designs of nozzle described in this section are such that a genuine full cone pattern is maintained for as far as possible after exit.  If a homogeneous mist/fog is required then a misting pattern nozzle should be considered instead.  For other spray pattern nozzles please click here.

Full cone nozzle designs

There are four basic designs of nozzle that can be used to produce a full cone pattern:  axial whirlfull cone tangential whirlfull cone spiral nozzles and full cone air atomising nozzles.  The spray properties, basic fluid mechanics and common applications of each can be found in the sub-sections of this page by following the links in the navigation menu to the right.  Within each sub-section further links can be found to the various spec sheets for each product range of that design type.  For easy reference, a cheat sheet summarising the properties of all full cone nozzles is also linked to the right.


Tangential Whirl Full Cone Nozzles

Full cone nozzle video

  • Full cone (90 degree) tangential whirl nozzle (TSC 584A-90)
  • Full cone (150 degree) spiral design nozzle (TF 112-150)
  • Full cone spiral nozzle TF 40XP
  • Full cone very wide angle (170 degree) spiral nozzle (TF 40-170)
  • Full cone (90 degree) spiral design nozzle (TF 10FCN)
  • Full cone axial whirl wide angle (120 degree) medium flow (NCM 2060W)
  • Full cone medium flow rate medium spray angle (MaxiPass 1000M)
nozzle catalogue

Full Cone Nozzle Designs

Full Cone Nozzle selection table


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