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The uses of spray nozzles within the chemical processing industry are many and varied.  SNP have a long history of dealing withBrochure-icon chemical producers giving expert advice on correct spray nozzle selection across all applications.  Over the years we have worked with most of the major chemical manufacturers, OEMs and specialist chemical engineering companies. 

Two primary functions

It would almost impossible to list every spray application found in the chemical industry overall but regardless of the specific application spray nozzles will serve two main functions.

Firstly, they can be used to greatly increase the surface area of a given volume of liquid.  The more finely a spray is atomised the greater surface area to volume ratio it will have.  High surface areas will mean faster heat/mass transfer or reaction time thus greatly improving the efficiency of many processes. 

The second core function of spray nozzles is to deliver the fluid to where it is needed.  In some cases, very wide distribution is desirable so wide-angle nozzles are required but, in other applications, a very focused or narrow distribution of spray is needed. 

Thousands of products

Spray NozzlesThere are many different designs of spray nozzle used to achieve these two primary functions.  SNP have access to over 50,000 different spray nozzle products and have decades of experience specifying the correct nozzle for critical spray applications in the chemical industry.  SNP have specialist spray nozzles with the following features:

  • Corrosion-resistant alloys and plastics including PTFE
  • High temperature alloys
  • Wide spray angle nozzles
  • Clog resistant nozzles
  • High turndown (variable flow)
  • Low flow, precision sprays
  • Air atomising nozzles 
  • High impact tank cleaning nozzles
  • ATEX certified tank cleaners
  • Third-party certified fire suppression nozzles

More than nozzles

labIn addition to the spray nozzles themselves, we are experts in the design and manufacture of spray lances, retractable lances, spray bars, injection quills and other spray delivery systems.  We have a wealth of experience working within the chemical industry for both small niche companies and global players alike.  

Selecting the correct spray nozzle to optimise droplet size, spray coverage, flow rates and other spray characteristics is incredibly important for many applications.  With so many nozzle products to choose from even seasoned chemical engineers will need to call on specialist companies like SNP to help optimise their spraying systems through correct product selection. 

This process of spray selection and optimisation is what we have built our entire business around.  What we really sell is not so much the plastic or metal nozzle product but the expert advice that goes with selecting, testing and validating the product.

Spray analysis & expertise

BETE_Advanced_Spray_Engineering_Computational_Fluid_DynamicsWith decades of experience dealing with almost every conceivable spray application, SNP can swiftly help engineers navigate towards the correct spray solution regardless of the application.  This is supported by access to proprietary software that gives quick estimates on droplet size and theoretical spray coverage. 

For more critical applications we are more than comfortable helping conduct heat exchange and coverage calculations for spray applications.  We have full CFD capability if necessary to model how spray systems will perform.

In addition to CFD modelling, we also have a full spray lab.  Here we can run empirical tests for specific spray conditions. This data can be used to feed into CFD modelling to build up a very accurate picture of what will happen in any given spray application once implemented.

Documentation and Testing

The documentation and testing standards required by the chemical processing industry are often stringent.

SNP and our associated manufacturers have all the necessary manufacturing process controls in place to meet even the strictest testing and documentation regimes.  Just as importantly, we have a wealth of experience in the day-to-day management of complex projects to ensure all the relevant testing/documentation is conducted on time to avoid project delays.

We hold ISO 9001:2015 Certification for quality management.

Key Applications 

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Chemical Processing Key Spray Applications

Chemical Processing Key Spray Challenges:


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