Gas scrubbing

The spraying of reagents into a gas to remove contaminants, or to change the makeup of the gas, is common in many chemical processes.


Modern emissions legislation in many countries mean there are strict controls on the levels of pollutant gases that can be emitted from industrial, chemical or power plants.  SNP offer a variety of nozzles that operate in these often very harsh conditions.


Not all scrubbing applications are lead by environmental issues.  Scrubbing and cooling gases is commonly performed to remove heat or contaminant to extend the life of linings and equipment further downstream in the process.


Engineering considerations for gas scrubber nozzles

Different designs of scrubber will require different types of nozzles and spray properties to operate effectively. The key engineering considerations to be made when selecting nozzles for gas scrubbing applications are listed in the blue menu to the right hand side of this page.  Below this, through the grey menu, details on the different designs of suitable gas scrubbing nozzle are accessible.


The information contained in both the engineering considerations pages and the nozzle designs pages is summarised in the "Gas scrubbing nozzle cheat sheet" which is accessed by the orange button also to the right hand side of this page.

Packed bed gas scrubber

Wet scrubber



Nozzle Selection

A variety of nozzles are suitable for gas scrubbing applications. For packed bed scrubbers TF spiral nozzles can give very wide distribution patterns with up to 170 degree spray angles. TF nozzles are also useful in absorber spray scrubbers as they produce sprays with good levels of atomisation. 


Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles

If fast moving gas flows need to be overcome then large droplets may be desirable so SC or MP nozzles might be suitable as these produce large droplets with high momentum sprays.


SC full cone nozzle Maxipass full cone nozzle

For very small gas flows that require quick scrubbing low flow, very fine scrubber sprays will be suitable so P, PJ or L series misting nozzle might be a good choice.


PJ series Low profile misting nozzle P series misting nozzle 

Gas Scrubbing Engineering Considerations

Gas Scrubbing Nozzle Designs