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SNP provides a complete range of nozzles and cleaning systems for cleaning tanks such as food processing tanks, large tanks, storage tanks, stormwater attenuation tanks (or storm basins) and everything in between, including IBCs.

For a comparison of the main types of CIP heads, see our videos below. For answers to the most common questions about tank cleaning/CIP, watch the videos below or read our tank washing FAQs here.

Any environment and any residue

Our wide range of tank and tank washing systems is not only suitable for different tank sizes, it is also designed to handle all kinds of residues. We have hygienic, self-cleaning systems suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical production and other applications. We also have systems capable of treating fluids loaded with particles such as sludge or oils, ATEX certified systems and finally, we can offer systems operating in very aggressive environments such as in acid tanks. Regardless of the environment, the size of the tank and the residue to be cleaned, we have the appropriate cleaning system. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual project.

Our tank cleaning products can be classified into 4 main categories: fixed nozzles, non-rotating balls, rotating balls and rotating jet wash heads (rotating heads). Click on the Catalogue icon to download the full brochure.

We also offer a system to easily clean large IBC containers, making in-house cleaning easy. Our IBC cleaning solution includes a pump with control panel, lance, lids and cleaning head (we recommend the Orbitor Eco for a super fast cleaning cycle of just 3 minutes or, for less stubborn residue, the rotating nozzle RSB25). For more details, click the IBC icons below.

Product Types

Our products are divided into the categories below. You will find more details on each of them by clicking on the corresponding subsections of this page. You can also access the technical data sheets directly by clicking on the product boxes below.

Rotary jet heads - Powerful tank cleaners for large tanks and/or difficult residues. Available in hygienic or industrial (non-hygienic) versions, with a variety of cleaning patterns and flow rates. Suitable for tanks with a diameter of up to 50 metres. Includes a fast cycle jet cleaner, the Orbitor Eco, for a very fast cleaning cycle that uses very little water and the D3000, D4000 and StormBlaster™ heads for very large tanks and stormwater attenuation tanks.

Rotary spray balls - Also called spinners, reactionary force cleaning heads or rotating nozzles, these are available in a wide variety of options, including all-PTFE rotating tank cleaners for use in harsh environments, mini versions and versions with retractable heads. They are suitable for tanks with a diameter of up to 5.5 metres.

Static spray balls - A wide variety of static (non-rotating) spray balls that produce 360°, 180° upwards or 180° downwards micro-jets. They are suitable for tanks with a diameter of up to 5 metres.

Static nozzles - These include very wide angle spiral nozzles as well as nozzle manifolds giving an omnidirectional cleaning spray, suitable for tanks with a diameter of up to 4 metres. This range also includes the clog-resistant HydroClaw cleaning head.

Fixed Nozzles - This category includes very wide angle spiral nozzles and also multi nozzle heads producing an omnidirectional spray. The unique HydroClaw nozzle is highly resistant to clogging, ideal for brewing and winemaking. These CIP systems are suitable for tanks up to 4 metres in diameter.

IBC Cleaning Solution - A complete in-house IBC cleaning solution with pump, cleaning head and control panel.

Spray balls vs rotary jet cleaners

Rotary heads/spinners vs. rotary jet cleaners

Spray balls vs rotary heads/spinners

Rotary Jet Nozzle Heads

These are powerful tank cleaners for bigger tanks and / or tough residues. They are also known as impingement cleaners. Available as hygienic or industrial (non-hygienic) designs, they offer a variety of cleaning patterns and flow rates.  Suitable for tanks up to 50 metres in diameter. A very fast cycle rotary jet is also available, the Orbitor Eco, which can deliver cycle times of under 2 minutes!

Rotary Spray Cleaning Heads

Also known as spinners, reactionary force cleaning heads or rotary nozzles, these come in a variety of models. They are fluid-driven, using the tank's spray media's reaction force to drive the nozzle head's rotation. They provide complete 360° coverage and efficient cleaning through impact and repetition. Rotating nozzles increase tank washing efficiency over static spray balls, saving time and money by reducing water and cleaning agent consumption while decreasing downtime.

Static Spray Balls

A wide variety of static (non-rotating) spray balls that deliver micro-jets in 360°, 180° up or 180° down patterns.  Suitable for tanks up to 5 metres in diameter.


Static Nozzles

These include very wide angle spiral nozzles as well as manifolds of nozzles giving an omnidirectional cleaning spray.  Suitable for tanks up to 4 metres in diameter.  This range includes the HydroClaw clog resistant cleaning head.

IBC Cleaning Station

A complete solution for cleaning intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) in-house. Where 5-50 IBCs need to be cleaned per week, the IBC cleaning station solution saves time, money and water.

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