Spray nozzles and equipment for cleaning

Cleaning refers to any spraying process that is used to wash a product, area or machines.  Cleaning is differentiated from the more specialist tank washing application which is dealt with in its own application section and also from disinfection which also has its own application section.

Industrial cleaning


Cleaning and disinfecting in manufacturing and industrial facilities is of paramount importance.  This is particularly true in certain industries such as food processing, dairy and pharmaceuticals.  In these high use industries a poor cleaning regime can literally result in the closure of the business by standards agencies.

With the arrival of the Coronavirus, effective equipment to assist in cleaning and disinfection has become important not just for the industries above, but for virtually every sector of the economy.  Please see our full Cleaning and Disinfecting Brochure for all our industrial cleaning solutions by clicking on the brochure icon to the right. 

Equipment for effective cleaning

Effective cleaning consists of four elements: chemical action, time, mechanical action and heat.  Each of these elements contributes a certain amount of 'cleaning power' in any given tank cleaning operation.

An increase in one element means other elements can be reduced without compromising Low mechanical action sinner circleoverall cleaning.  Conversely a reduction in any given element must be compensated for by a corresponding increase in one or more of the other elements if cleaning is to be maintained.  The relative contributions of each element varies considerably depending on which type of cleaning system is deployed.

  • Mechanical action can be increased by using jetting nozzles, fan nozzles or wash down guns with higher pressures

  • Heat can be modified by increasing the temperature of the cleaning fluid

  • The chemical action component can be increased by the introduction of caustics and disinfectants

  • Foams can be used to increase the time component of the mix by ensuring cleaning chemicals stay on the target for longer

In this section of our website we present a variety of products that can help improve various elements of the cleaning mix.

Spray nozzles

Correct nozzle selection can help improve the mechanical action component of the cleaning mix by improving the impact of the spray.  In addition, high flow rate nozzles can be used to deliver large volumes of fluid which can improve the chemical action component.  We have a wide variety of spray nozzles that can be deployed in conveyor based and other automated cleaning systems.

NF Deflector flat fan nozzle High Impact Deflector Flat Fan Nozzle (SPN)

Washdown guns

Our range of washdown guns can be used to deliver high volumes of fluid around the factory.  We have a wide range of options that will work on mains pressure, medium pressure or high pressure water supply. The range includes mobile wash units that will mix caustic at the point of cleaning or systems fed from a wall mounted station which, again, can mix caustics and detergents automatically.

med vol  high boosted Wall mounted washdown  Compact washdown gun

Foaming systems

The introduction of foam into a cleaning system helps improve the time element of the cleaning mix.  The foam will cling to the surface being cleaned for longer and thus give more time for the cleaning chemicals to work.  We have a wide range of foaming systems from simple foaming guns that will mix foaming agents at the gun to sophisticated air foam mixing stations allowing for the precise control of the foam produced.

airess wall mounted foamer  med volume air assisted foamer  HV air assisted foamers  air pump foamers mobile Conveyor foamer entry way

Mixing systems

The chemical action component of the cleaning mix requires the accurate dosing of caustics and detergents. Our range of mixing stations will accurately mix concentrated cleaning chemicals with water via venturi mixing. They require no external power and will run off main or higher pressure water supplies.

ball valve mixing  push lever mixing stations  Med vol mixing stations

More information 

Within this section the information on key engineering factors that affect cleaning nozzle selection can be found by using the blue menu to the right hand side of this page.  Similarly information on the various designs of nozzles that might be suitable for cleaning applications can be accessed by the grey menu entitled "Cleaning Nozzle Designs".

The information contained with both the "Engineering Considerations" pages and the "Cleaning Products" pages is summarised in the Cleaning Product Selection table, accessible by clicking on the orange button also to the right hand side of this page. 

nozzle catalogue

Cleaning Engineering Considerations


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