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Complete catalogue with metric units for the main BETE range of nozzles


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International metric nozzle catalogue in 4 languages

Tank washing

English Tank Wash Doc icon
Tank washing brochure showing static, fan rotary, fluid driven high impingement and powered impingement cleaners.

Catalogues for specifc industries or applications

Please clcik on the imaged below to download a soft copy of each brochure.

Chemical processing

Spray nozzles for the chemical processing industry including gas conditioning, humidification, distribution/mixing, pollution control and evaporative cooling. 

Fire fighting

Nozzles for fire protection

Specialist nozzle for fire fighting including: deluge spraying, water curtains, shipboard systems and fire protection in enclosed or tight areas are among the applications presented. 


Food processing

Food industry brochure
Spray nozzles for food processing needs including washing, sanitizing, lubricating, and drying during the packaging or bottling process. Please note that for more detail on tank washing there is a separate brochure dedicate to tank cleaning.


Pollution control

nozzles for pollution control
Spray nozzles for pollution control including gas scrubbing, FGD, odour control and dust suppression

Steel industry

Spray nozzles for the steel industry
Information for coke making, sinter plants, blast furnaces, caster mills, hot strip mills, steckel mills, plate mills, tandem mills, galvanizing or tinning line, continuous pickling or power generation applications are included in this brochure. 


Spray drying

Nozzles for spray drying

A brochure out lining the unique features of our Twist & Dry spray drying system.

Metal finishing

Spray nozzles, connectors, holders and risers for the metal finishing and pre-treatment industry.

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