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Spray lancesSNP provides drop-in solutions in the form of custom spray lances, quills, and injectors.  Why endure the time and hassle to source pipes, flanges, nozzles, and fittings separately and then coordinate fabrication and testing of the assembly when you can have SNP do it all for you? By using SNP as a single supplier, you can be sure your lance will be correct the first time, every time.  Our highly qualified welders are some of the best in the world, with extensive experience in welding dissimilar metals and exotic alloys, including nickel and cobalt alloys. 

Request a quote for spray lances

To request a lance, simply send an inquiry with a sketch to SNP.  Let us turn your hand-drawn sketch into a finished drawing.  To ensure the fastest reply, please include in your enquiry all critical dimensions, connection and flange specifications, and any special requirements.  If you're not sure what the most appropriate arrangement is for your situation, simply call us and our applications engineers can make a recommendation based on their extensive experience.


Contact us on 01273 400092 or e-mail us at info@spray-nozzle.co.uk

Spray lance case study list

Please view the PDFs in the list below for details on some of our recent work in spray lance design and fabrication.

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