Flat fan nozzles

Flat fan nozzles

The flat fan pattern is effectively a line of spray.  The impact of this spray is high when compared to full or hollow cone spray patterns, but not as high as a solid stream nozzle.  The droplet sizes produced by this type of nozzle are larger than cone nozzles, although very fine droplet flat fans can be produced by some air atomising flat fan nozzles.  In order for a flat fan nozzle to cover an area, some kind of relative motion is required.  Commonly this motion is provided by a conveyor moving product under a series of flat fan sprays.  Alternatively the nozzle itself can be in motion to provide complete coverage.


Design variants of flat fan nozzles

There are two common designs of hydraulic flat fan nozzle; elliptical orifice and deflection.  Air atomising or pneumatic nozzles can also be used to create flat fans with a very fine droplet size.  Detailed information on pneumatic design variants can be found by clicking on the items in the blue menu to the right. For details on air atomising flat fan nozzles please visit the air atomising section of this site.

All the information on all the various designs of flat fan nozzle is summarised in the flat fan nozzle cheat sheet which can be accessed by the orange tab to the right. If, however, you are confident you know which nozzle type you require please click on the boxes below to access the relevant datasheets.

Hydraulic flat fan nozzle models

Flat fan nozzle box (NF) Low profile flat fan nozzle High Impact Deflector Flat Fan Nozzle (SPN) Deflector flat fan nozzle Low flow rate flat fan nozzle Self aligning flat fan nozzle BJH

Air actuated fan nozzles


Air atomising nozzle data sheets

Flat fan, air atomising, external mix nozzle Flat Fan, Air atomising, Internal mix nozzle (XApf) Siphon fed flat fan air atomising nozzle

Video of flat fan nozzles

  • Air atomising, flat fan, external mix nozzle (XAEF 350E)
  • Flat fan (50 degree) deflector design nozzle (SPN 6050)
  • Flat fan medium angle (65 degree) high flow nozzle (NF 20065)
  • Flat fan, medium angle (65 degree), medium flow (NF 4065)
  • Flat fan, narrow angle (15 degree), medium flow (NF 4015)

Flat Fan Nozzle Designs:

Flat Fan Nozzle selection table