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Ball socket adjustable nozzle holders

unispray mark 1 nozzle holder

The Uni-Spray adjustable nozzle holder clamps a ball socket female threaded nozzle holder firmly to the pipe. Nozzles of any type can then be screwed into the holder and then angled up to 45o.  This system allows for the easy adjustment of spray projections and can save large amounts of time and effort when it comes to optimising spraying performance.

Durolock pipe couplings


The Durolock system allows for the coupling of pipes of various sizes without welding.  The system has a dramatically reduced weight when compared to other coupling systems. 

It is available for pipe sizes from 1" to 8" NB and is available as standard in :

Carbon steel

Stainless steel - 304, 316, 321, 347

Other materials available on request

Material traceability available

Flexible couplers

Variacor flexible coupler

This is a pipe fitting which provides free orientation for hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and tools across a wide range of industrial applications. The patented Variacor® coupling ensures hosing can be flexible and multi-directional and so brings important benefits to users.  For example, the innovative design of the coupling ensures optimum flexibility which results in less wear on hoses and so reduces costs.  Also, increased manoeuverability of the hose means easier handling for the user while the lower pressure and flow losses compared to conventional couplings results in a more consistent and improved flow.

The coupling for hydraulic hose applications provides free rotation through 360° for both sides of the fitting while the pneumatic option ensures free rotation of 360° for one side of the fitting and 90° for the other.  This 360° / 90° combination also applies to the coupling which is designed for wash guns.

The Variacor coupling is ideal for connecting two runs of rigid pipe or flexible hose, or an end fitting, such as a nozzle or gun.  It is a simple but highly effective means of changing the angle of flow direction, axially between 180° and 90°, with a full 360° swivel at either or both ends.  Adjustments are manual, instant and can be free or lockable.  Directional change is achieved by a simple slide turn of the outlet section against the inlet section of the connector.

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