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Our core product range of some 40,000 spray nozzles is supported by various related products. 

FlexFlow™ Control System for automatic nozzles

BETE’s FlexFlow Spray Systems ensure precision control and flexible automation for Electric HydroPulse® nozzles and other automatic spray nozzles. These plug-and-play controllers are a sophisticated solution for precision coating, moistening, and lubricating applications where intermittent spraying will improve product quality and reduce waste with precise application of spray. FlexFlow is highly sophisticated but incredibly simple to programme and operate, unlike many other systems on the market.

Consider the FlexFlow for any process where expensive compounds or ingredients need to be sprayed directly onto the process target. Each control panel can be used as a standalone system or upgraded to the 2000 model to integrate with your existing plant operations.Spray bars and junction boxes are also available for a full turn-key solution.

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IBC Cleaning System

Our system for cleaning IBC totes comprises a cleaning head (either the rotary RBS spinning nozzle or the rotary jet Orbitor) for cost effective in-house cleaning of IBCs and other small tanks.

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Custom lances

Often a spray nozzle will need to be inserted into chamber or pipe at the end of a lance or quill.  We will produce customer made lances designed to our customers' exact requirements.

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Holders, fastenings and connectors

We supply a range nozzle holders and fastening devices. 

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Valves and fittings

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Flexible back pack sprayers

We are exclusive distributors for the Guarany Flexible Firefighting Backpack Sprayer. This is the back pack fire extinguisher of choice for UK fire brigades and is used by some 75% of fire services. 

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We supply a range of pumps from leading manufacturer Aquatec.

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