Companies in our distribution network

These are companies that distribute the same products as BETE Limited but in other territories.

BETE Deutschland GmbH 

The German subsidiary of BETE covering Austria, Poland, Romania, and Switzerland.

Hansa Engineering

BETE distributors in Sweden, Norway & Denmark




BETE distributors in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg

Principle suppliers

These are the companies that we distribute product for on an exclusive basis

BETE Fog Nozzle

BETE have been manufacturing spray nozzles in Greenfield Massachusetts for over 60 years. This is also where our spray lab and testing facilities are located.


Uni spray

Manufacturers of our plastic molded pre-treatment nozzles, nozzle holders, couplers and riser systems. Based in Canada Uni-spray have been a world leader in specialist nozzle systems for the metal finishing and bottling industry for over 20 years.


ML Gatewood

ML Gatewood

ML Gatewood manufacture our specialist trim and high pressure shower nozzles for the paper industry.

FSP Tech

FSP Tech

FSP are a lead European manufacturer of safety showers, decontamination showers, eye baths and other industrial safety equipment.

Trusted suppliers

The companies supply services and goods that are vital to our business.

Technical fulfilment

Technical Fulfilment

Our sister company.  Originally Bete used other independent out sourced warehousing services but due to a lack of service we set up TFL as a separate business. TFL now provides quality warehousing, pick n pack and shipping services for a variety of different businesses.



Harvey Communications

Harvey Communications

Harvey Communications was established in 1995 by Andrew Harvey to provide full service Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Graphic Design and Media Services 16 years on    and we are now acknowledged as one of the leading Marketing and Advertising Agencies in Sussex.


United experts


United Experts

United experts are world leading experts in the truly excellent Sitefinity content management system that this website is built on. Offering Sitefinity consultancy and training they have been a critical partner in developing our on line marketing strategy.




Claranet our providers of IT infrastructure. They provide an integrated MPLS network and cloud hosting service that is vital for running all of our business critical applications. In many respects Claranet are the glue that keeps BETE Limited working together. If you are serious about your IT infrastructure then we can not recommend Claranet highly enough.

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