Cleaning, disinfecting & washdown systems

Cleaning and disinfection brochureMaintaining hygiene is a vital process particularly in the food processing, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This range of high-quality cleaning and disinfection equipment helps businesses meet even the most stringent of sanitising requirements.

Our industrial and food factory cleaning equipment range is designed to meter and mix cleaning chemical concentrates, foaming agents and disinfectants with a suitable water and/or compressed air supply. There is a wide range of products with options for all types of water supply, including high pressure. A compressed air line can be added to enhance foaming action, atomise liquids into fogs, or to boost fluid pressure via air powered pumps.  

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wash and rinse down gunEquipment for industrial and factory cleaning and washdown

The range of industrial and food factory cleaning equipment includes washdown guns, chemical mixing stations, mobile wash stations, and everything you need to deliver santising and cleaning liquids around the factory. 

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conveyoemate wallFoaming

These systems allow for foaming agents to be introduced to the sanitising liquids. Foams result in a longer dwell time and hence will improve the cleaning action. Equipment includes foam delivery lances, foam mixing stations, mobile foaming units, and everything else you will need to deliver effective foam around the factory.

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These systems will fill an area with a very fine sanitising fog. The advantage of using fogs is that they will fill every nook and cranny ensuring not part of the factory is missed. Equipment includes permanently install fogging stations for factories, vehicles and semi-mobile "wheeled" fogging units. 

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950000-BMobile fogging 

For large areas, it may not be practical to have permanently installed fogging systems so manually operated foggers can be used instead. This equipment includes air operated fog guns, electrically powered foggers, and petrol engine backpack foggers.  

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