Spray nozzles for the power generation industry

SNP have a long history of working with the power generation industry.  In particular our spray nozzles have been deployed extensively in fossil fuel power plants for desulphurisation and other gas scrubbing applications.  SNP's silicon carbide spiral nozzles are rapidly becoming an industry standard in flue gas desulphurisation applications around the world.  Not only does the tough ceramic construction material offer superior nozzle lifetime, the spiral design offers significant improvements in overall scrubbing efficiency, meaning emissions targets are more achievable. 


Key spray applications include: gas scrubbing and fire protection.


Details on these spray applications can be found by clicking on the items in the blue menu to right hand side of this page.


Details on some of the spray challenges that SNP have helped overcome for our power industry customers can be found by clicking on the items in the grey menu also to the right hand side of this page.

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Power Generation Key Spraying Applications

Power Generation Key Spray Challenges


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