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The dairy processing industry, be it milk, cheese, yogurt or ice-cream production, has stringent hygiene standards.  SNP supply spray nozzles to the dairy industry for a variety of applications in the manufacturing process but the main use of our products is in cleaning systems.  The nature of many of the residues and the use of live cultures means that the cleaning of tanks, vessels and other parts of the process line is of paramount importance.

save water with the orbitor eco tank cleanerWater usage

Water consumption with the dairy industry is high.  Furthermore the waste water has a high biological oxygen demand (BOD) and the high use of caustics also means a high chemical oxygen demand (COD) from waste water.  This means that water treatment costs for dairy producers are significant and as a consequence water saving is often a key priority.

Saving water without compromising hygiene

The correct selection of spray nozzles and tank cleaning heads can have a dramatic effect on the water consumed for cleaning.  For example traditional spray ball tank cleaners are used heavily in the dairy industry.  These simple devices provide a rinsing wash down the walls of the tank that, over time, will remove residue build up.  This is, however, an inefficient way to clean as little or no impact is produced by the spray ball.  Cleaning is achieved by the solvent properties of water and the use of caustics to break down tougher protein, fat or mineral deposits.  Similarly poorly chosen, low impact nozzles in other cleaning systems may well be wasting water unnecessarily

More effective solutions



Whilst we continue to supply spray balls and other low impact cleaning nozzles, SNP have a range of more efficient tank cleaning heads/nozzles that can save significant amounts of water.  Rotary jet cleaning heads, for example, provide the ultimate in water-efficient tank cleaning.  Because they have high impact water jets that explode outwards on contact with the tank wall they will remove even tough residues with a fraction of the water.

To learn more about how fast cycle jet cleaners can save water and optimise CIP systems please read the article linked below.


Easy to change

The new breed of fast cycle rotary jet cleaners (like the Orbitor Eco) means that in most cases they can be retro-fitted to existing CIP systems.  As the Orbitor Eco can run on similar flow rates and pressures as spray balls there is often no need to change the pump duty or pipework.  What can be changed is the time taken to clean and the overall water consumed per wash cycle.  Both can be dramatically reduced resulting in a far more efficient cleaning system.

Other easy to implement changes in nozzle type can deliver similar efficiency gains in other cleaning applications on the process line.

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