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Special purpose nozzlesSpecial purpose nozzle

The nozzles presented here do not logically fall into any of the main spray pattern types or they are specifically designed for one purpose or application.  Where the nozzle does not conform to a standard spray pattern it will also be included in the relevant section of the website.

Spray drying nozzles

The Twist&Dry range of spray drying nozzles technically produce a hollow cone spray pattern but they are only used in the spray drying process.

Axial whirl, hollow cone, spray drying nozzle Twist and DryAxial whirl spray dry nozzleTDK high pressure specialist spray drying nozze


Firefighting nozzles 

The N series nozzle is a spiral design nozzle with a fitted blow off cover.  These nozzles have a variety of approvals for use in petrochemical and other high volatility installations.  Whilst the nozzle part conforms to a standard TF spiral design the Factory Mutual and Lloyds approvals only apply to specially made N series.

The TF29-180 fire BETA is a very wide angle spiral nozzle that is used to distribute fluid widely for fire suppression systems.

Fire fighting spiral nozzleUltra wide angle spiral nozzle


Air blow off nozzles

The FINZ series of air nozzles is used to produce high impact air jets.  Typically they are used for drying and blow off applications but are also deployed to create air curtains.

High impact air fan nozzle


Rectangular pattern nozzles

The IS series of nozzles will produce a rectangular fluid distribution pattern when deployed in matching pairs.  This does not conform to any of the standard spray patterns and so is included here as a specialist nozzle.

IS rectangular pattern spray nozzle



The TurboMix range of mixing nozzles do not produce a spray pattern in the normal sense of the term. These nozzles are designed to be deployed under the liquid surface to mix and agitate the fluid.  They work by spraying fluid through the nozzle to create a plume and as the fluid sprays further liquid from around the nozzle is drawn through by the venturi principle meaning 5 times the amount of fluid pumped is actually ejected from the nozzle.  

Turbomix eductor mixing nozzle

Special purpose nozzles