Flexible Backpack Fire Extinguisher

As used by the British fire service

SNP is an official agent and exclusive stocking distributor, through our sister company the Professional Sprayers People (PSP), for the highly successful Guarany Flexible Firefighting backpack fire extinguisher.  Designed by a team of firefighters specifically for use by firefighters in the field, it is the ideal solution for fire services, forestry commissions and agricultural sectors to quell small fires, whether individual or residue from a larger fire.  Safe, economical and sensible.

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Backpack details

- Unique non-spill filling system
- 20 litre capacity
- Thermo-welded flexible tank in strong resistant industrial material
- Compact and easy to store
- Comfortable and ergonomic shape
- Strengthened back support
- Padded hardwearing shoulder harness & chest strap
- Exterior double reinforced lower section
- Internal water baffles
- Rear hanging strap
- Large 100mm inlet filler with fine gauze mesh filter (removable)
- Screw cap with retaining cord
- Hand-pump dog-clip & eyelet for hands-free operation
- Instantaneous brass quick release outlet coupling & stop valve
- Large identification sleeve

Hand pump details

- Left or right hand operationflexible backpack fire extinguisher
- Brass construction, high impact & corrosion resistance
- High performance pump with special double handgrip sleeves  (ideal for wet glove operation)
- Pump action from between 3 metre spray up to 12 metre jet
- Superior quality nozzle with high impact resistance protector
- Metal coil protectors to high pressure hose ends

Flexible Firefighting Backpack Sprayer

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