Tank safety showers

As the name suggests a tank shower contains a permanent reservoir of water independent of any other water supply. The tank shower has a number of distinct advantages

Guaranteed supply

As the shower is supplied by a tank operation will not be affected by any disruption to the water supply. In the event of a disaster it is possible that water supply may be affected precicelly when workers need a safety shower in such situations only tank showers will deliver the required emergency wash down facilities.

Can be deployed anywhere

As the tank shower does not rely on a plumbed in water supply it can be deployed in remote parts of a factory or dockside that do not have a water supply. In some situations the tank shower is the only option for this reason.


Whilst the initial cost of a tank shower may be more expensive than a plumbed in unit the over all cost can be considerably cheaper. When one takes in to account of the pipework, pumping costs, installation and maintenance required to deliver a water supply to a standard safety shower unit the tank shower is often a more cost effective solution. 

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