Spray Nozzle


NCK Injector Nozzle

NCK high Flow Rate Full Cone Nozzle

The NCK nozzle is a high flow rate narrow angle full cone nozzle with coarse atomisation. This nozzle has a very hard driving evenly distributed spray with a high outlet velocity. This type of nozzle is used in a variety of applications including:

  • Venturi Scrubbers
  • Chemical Injection
  • Gas Quench Distribution
  • Gas Scrubbing
  • And more

Design Features

    • Narrow spray angles
    • High velocity
    • Male and female connections
    • Flanged connections available

Spray Characteristics

    • Coarse and extremely hard-driving spray with even distribution
    • Spray pattern: Full Cone
    • Spray angles: 15°, 20°, and 30°
    • Flow rates: 23.1 to 4660 L/min (Special flow rates available)

NCK Data Sheet