Spray Nozzle


IS Rectangular Pattern Spray Nozzle

IS Rectangular Spray Pattern Nozzle

A special spray nozzle that is used in pairs. The two nozzles spray into each other and the interference of the two spray patterns creates an approximate rectangular-shaped spray pattern.

Design Feature

    • Effective wherever rectangular pattern is required
    • High energy efficiency
    • Low coefficient of discharge and large unimpeded openings
    • Excellent clog resistance
    • Mounted in opposing pairs
    • Male connection

Spray characteristics

    • Pattern widths of 18” to 120” can be achieved
    • Good distribution with pressures as low as 0.035 bar
    • Thick bands of droplets from opposing pairs intersect and fall uniformly
    • Spray pattern: Rectangular
    • Spray angle: See Pattern Width and Coverage Chart
    • Flow rates: 1.77 to 649 l/min per pair