Spray Nozzle

MPL - Low flow, full Cone Nozzle

MPL Clog Restistant, low flow, full cone nozzle

MPL Clog Resistant Low Flow Full Cone Nozzle

The MPL nozzle is a low flow rate, full cone nozzle and the ultimate clog-resistant nozzle. It produces uniform spray distribution with a relatively coarse atomisation. The MPL is used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Parts Cooling
  • Deluge Cooling
  • Fluid Distribution
  • Foam Control
  • And many more.

Design Features

    • 1/8” and 1/4” connection sizes
    • Ultimate clog-resistant design, with the largest free passage available in an axial, full-cone nozzle
    • Unique, S-shaped internal vanes allow free passage of particles
    • High-energy efficiency
    • Easily handles dirty, contaminated liquids
    • Male connections
    • Nozzle body available in brass, 303 ss and 316 ss
    • Vanes are 316 ss for optimum wear and corrosion resistance

Spray Characteristics

    • High reliability spray performance under the most difficult conditions
    • Uniform spray distribution
    • Spray pattern: Full Cone
    • Spray angles: Narrow (N), Medium (M), Wide (W)
    • Flow rates: 0.44 to 7.94 L/min
MPL Flow Flow Clog Resistance Spray Nozzle Full Cone