Spray Nozzle

N - Fire protection nozzle

N - Fire protection nozzle

N Series Fire Protection Nozzle

The N nozzle is a specialist fire fighting nozzle for use in a variety of fire protection systems. It comes with several key certifications from major independent bodies, making it a logical choice for critical systems for protecting life and property. The spray pattern from spiral nozzles is particularly well suited to deluge systems as the broad spectrum of droplet sizes allows the smaller drops to overcome thermal currents and penetrate into the fire resulting in swifter cooling.

Design Features

    • Simplicity of design
    • One-piece/no internal parts
    • Clog-resistant
    • Three standard pipe sizes - 1/2”, 1” and 1-1/2”
    • Male connection
    • Factory Mutual, U.S. Coast Guard, and Lloyd’s Register approved models

Spray Characteristics

    • Two spray cones: an outer, wide angle cone and a narrower inner cone combine to give a full cone effect
    • Spray pattern: Full Cone
    • Spray angles: 90° and 120° standard
    • Flow rates: 9.67 to 1720 l/min