Spray Nozzle


NCS Stubby Full Cone Nozzle

NCK high Flow Rate Full Cone Nozzle

The NCS nozzle is a stubby full cone nozzle with a very low profile. This makes it ideal for situations where there is limited room. The NCS finds uses in a variety of spray applications including:

  • Parts washing
  • Cooling
  • Conveyor Washing
  • And more.

Design Features

    • Takes no more room than pipe plug, yet performs like full-size nozzle
    • Small projection
    • Can be used with standard pipe couplings to form female nozzle, with elbows to form right angle nozzle, or with tees or crosses for multiple installations
    • Male connection
    • Metal and plastic materials

Spray Characteristics

    • Spray pattern: Full cone
    • Spray angles: 70º, 90º and 110º
    • Flow rates: 7.50 to 1596 I/min (Special flow rates available)

NCS stubby full cone nozzle data