Spray Nozzle


WTZ right angle full cone nozzle

Riser supports for the UniSpray system

The WTZ is a tangential whirl full cone nozzle. It has a large free passage and produces an even distribution of spray with a moderate level of atomisation. Right angle spray nozzles can be used in a variety of situations where head space is limited. Common applications for this nozzle include:

  • Pasteurisation tunnels
  • Packed Bed Distribution
  • Foam control
  • And more.

Design Features

    • No internal parts, clog-resistant
    • Uniform distribution
    • Male and female connections
    • Large free passage

Spray Characteristics

    • Spray pattern: Full Cone
    • Spray angle: 90° and 110° 
    • Flow rates: 0.50 to 223 l/min